Don't wait until you're daughter is an adult to change the world or run for a seat that can effect change. She can learn to do that NOW.

Political Prep is a one day intensive program that will expose high school girls to the political process. Whether she wants to be an elected official or just find her special space in the political industry, this program is for her. 

Our high school age students will learn first hand from the trendsetting, history-making women in politics on how to run a campaign, how to draft a bill and policies, how to ensure their voices are heard in a manner that will cause change and more. More importantly, they will learn how to stand on the shoulders of powerful women who have come before them and are the backbone of this great city, state and country.

This is a MUST ATTEND program for young girls but seating is limited. 

Deadline to register is March 6, 2020.

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