Who Are The Ladies Behind The Mics?


Hang out with the ladies of Pumps & Politics. Their humor, grit, curiosity and wisdom will not only entertain you, but you’ll walk away with a new and refreshed perspective on issues that matter to you most. The highly decorated women bring to the table perspectives from their experiences in the community, public and private sector and political arena. They are mothers, wives, sisters, business women and leaders in the community. They will tackle head on the latest headlines in the Nashville area and from around the globe.

Harriet Wallace

 Lead Host of Pumps & Politics

Harriet Vaughan-Wallace is a seasoned and award-winning  journalist with more than 16 years in the business, having worked on the national stage for news networks such as Fox News and CBS News, to the local stage of television news and local newspapers.


Jenean Davis

Co-host, Pumps & Politics




A Nashville native, Jenean Davis is a community volunteer, advocate, leader, and entrepreneur.  Davis is a fund development and event management professional with over ten years of experience, and is owner of JDavis Events Management, a development consulting and event planning company.



Laini Brown

Co-host, Pumps & Politics

Laini Brown, originally from New York City, relocated to Nashville in 1996. In 2000 she enrolled at Tennessee State University as a full time student majoring in Mass Communications.  While at TSU Brown was the director of TSU News.